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Best Items At Meat Mechanics – Buffalo Wings, Beef Croquettes, Tacos & More

Are you looking for an exciting time and even something exciting to eat? ‘Meat Mechanics: Small Food Category’ on our Menu has some of the most demanding food options. Even when we are approached for the service of Food Truck Catering Melbourne people prefer to have these one-of-a-kind dishes. Here are some of the visually appealing dishes offered by our Food Truck Point Cook which you cannot miss out on. 

Buffalo Wings

Does your heart desire spicy & smoked buffalo wings? Well! Meat Mechanics have that in-store for you. Our Spicy smoked chicken wings are served with our special Blue cheese sauce made by our experienced chef. 

Whenever people book us for some kind of family event, they are sure to select these items where the catering menu is to be decided. At Meat Mechanics, because of the love of the people for these items, we serve 6 pieces for only 9$.

Beef Croquettes

Our deliciously spicy and tender beef croquettes will for sure take you on the journey of food paradise. Our smoked beef croquettes are alone enough to satisfy your taste buds. Because of its popularity and the fondness of the people for its taste, we have reduced its prices. And now we serve 5 pieces of the croquet for just 11$. Moreover, the technique of making this delicacy: Slow cooked for 12hrs will satiate your taste buds like never before! 

Mac And Cheese

This particular item is made up of cheese sauce which is made by the traditional method. The conventional method uses macaroni and cheddar cheese to make this item. This is baked in the casserole and is sometimes cooked on the stovetop. This particular item is a specialty of ours. The kids like it a lot. And so we sell it for 9$ only.


You might have known the tacos as the ones which are like the Mexican sandwich like dishes. It is quintessentially made incorporating the corn tortilla that is wrapped around some sort of filling. As far as we are talking about the traditional tortilla, then it is soft, but the inventions by the chefs of some countries have led to the emergence of the hard shells.

The tacos sold at meat mechanics at the price of the 12$ include the following ingredients:

  • Sot flour tortilla
  • Guacamole
  • Cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Salsa
  • Jalapenos

But to make sure that all the taco lovers are satisfied, we do not only serve the non-vegetarian variation. But the vegetarian versions are also sold and this is the predominant benefit because of which the people like us a lot.

Glazed Pork Ribs

The juicy and flavourful ribs glazed by our signature BBQ sauce are something which makes the individual go awe with its taste. It takes a lot of effort from our side to get these hickory smoked pork ribs made. So we serve the half rack for it at the price of 23$ but the full rack at the price of 40$.

Bottom Line

So please let us know, which of our items do you like the most. We try to bring a great modification in the taste and the preparation of that. Also, we would like to know from you, how do you like this blog?. We invite your honest reviews as we always keep a great scope of modifications.

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    Why should you be hiring the food truck? Which advantages will you experience?

    Food Trucks – The Ongoing Trend

    Nowadays, the brides and grooms are considering hiring a food truck at their wedding. The wedding attendants also find it pleasurable in taking the services from the food trucks. Food truck catering in Melbourne is emerging out to be excessively profitable. The food trucks in Point Cook are also being booked every day for one or the other wedding or the other functions. Because of their cost-effective nature and profit yielding characteristics, these are becoming the first choice for those who are hosting some kind of event or occasion.

    In today’s blog, we shall be learning some of the advantageous points which you get to encounter when you are taking the services of the food trucks.

    Best For Outdoor Events

    Food truck catering is deemed ideal if you are planning to host the event in the external premises of the property. When the buffet sounds good, if you are hosting a party in the banquet hall of the hotel, then the food truck will be considered best if you do not want to compromise inhaling the summery vibes.

    Happifies The Customers

    The food truck business and industry is blooming considerably. It is because of the taste that you get in the food items being provided by the food trucks. The customer gets to taste the hygienic food. From street food to restaurant-style meals, you will find everything with these food trucks.

    The Pocket-friendly Option

    Installing the food trucks at the venue is the best pocket-friendly alternative that never falls heavy on your pocket. If you think that being the cost-friendly option for catering services, the food truck usually ends up compromising the quality, then you are wrong. The food trucks are determined to provide quality so that the customer can get giantly satisfied with the food.

    The Flexibility In Choosing The Cuisines

    The food trucks are known to be versatile caterers. These can be installed at the venue as per your choice of cuisine. These trucks are well equipped with the facilities and the technologies that they need to bring about perfection in the making of the food.

    The Best 5-star Experience

    When you will count on the food truck, then we guarantee you that you will get to experience the best 5-star facilities. Usually, it has been observed that the customers are bothered with the clean up of the mess, which is not supported by the other catering services. But hiring a food truck helps you to attain the best 5-star experience as these help you with all the facilities which you are required from the food truck.

    Make Some Memories

    Apart from some other benefits, the giant benefit of the truck is that these help your attendants and you to make memories.

    Bottom Line

    When you are counting on the service of the food trucks, then it means that you are choosing the right catering service which will give you the desired results by not falling heavy on your pocket.

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      What are the 3 smart tips to manage your food truck during the summer time?

      Due to the ongoing situation of coronavirus, it is making it difficult for the customers to dine in with ease and they are worried that the food they will be getting is hygienic or not. Many of the business owners are getting inclined towards the food truck Point Cook. Moreover, the Food Truck Catering Melbourne is preferred by many people. But, to stay in the competition and make sure that you serve the customer correctly you need to make a difference. For that, here are some of the smart tips through which you can manage the food truck are:

      Tip 1: Make your food in the shade

      During the summertime, it is difficult to work in a small place as it gets really hot. To deal with the situation and make sure you are cooking on time, you should take a spot with shade. In case, if you can find the shade spot then you should get the gravel and concrete spot as it is not that hot. This way you will be working in a place that is a few degrees less to manage food Truck

      Tip 2: Make small changes, like utilize energy properly

      Even with food trucks, there is a need for energy and therefore you must make a small change in the way you do your work. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

      • Heat appliances should be minimum

      It is better that you keep the heat-producing appliances to a minimum. You should not go with the grill, oven, and fryer.

      • Keep your calm

      Sometimes a situation can get intense but you should not lose your calm. You need to keep the refrigerator close to you as this way you will be able to take the food in batches. Just do things in a way that saves your energy.

      • Dress wisely

      During the summer season, keep your dressing code right. Like you should wear cotton, denim, linen, and natural fabrics. It would be better to keep extra cotton t-shirts with you so that in case you want to change you can do that.

      • Keep the fan on

      It is not always about saving energy, so make sure that you get 1 or 2 fans as it will make you comfortable in the truck. It is better to keep the door, skylights, and window open.

      Tip 3: Market your business correctly

      Marketing your business is extremely important,and that is the key factor for business success. Be it a restaurant or food truck you need to consider this in every situation. Your customers must know where you are at the moment so that when they have to visit your place they can do that easily. You can say that it is important to plan, and only then you will be able to make a difference & even grab the attention of the customers.

      So, try out these tips and effectively manage every step while doing the business.

      Good Luck!

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        What is the Cost, Pros & Cons of hiring the Food trucks at the wedding?

        Whenever the couple plans for their wedding, then they want to make the event as memorable as it can be. This is the main reason that they focus on the minute details of the weddings. According to a survey, 90% of the people consider only those weddings to be memorable which have served them with the good quality of the food. Nowadays you might be hearing of the trendy wedding which took the services of the food truck catering Melbourne. The food truck in Point Cook became charming when it was used to serve the food to the guests.

        We hear the children saying that when they will get married, they will surely be including the catering services in the food truck.

        How are food trucks, the unique solution to wedding catering needs?

        The food trucks offer people creative dishes. Earlier it was observed that the people at the wedding were only offered with the boring and fried chicken. But the food trucks are known to be the creative solution to the uniqueness in the chicken.

        How much cost is to be incurred for taking the services of the food truck?

        The total cost of taking the services from the food truck can be different from one company to another. Sp for getting hired with the best food truck caterer, it is essential that you are comparing the food truck on the relevant grounds. This means you should be comparing applause to apples and not apples to oranges.

        So let us get to know some of the Pros and the Cons of the food truck:


        • Great Experience

        This is the obvious benefit of hiring a food truck. This gives the wedding attendants a unique experience and the wedding does not only become memorable for you but them as well.

        • Alternative to the traditional chicken

        If you want to host your wedding at such a place that is beautiful and matches all your dream credentials but is lacking with the traditional chicken. Then the food truck is the best solution in that regard.


        It is relevant to mention here that you will only encounter the cons if you are not taking the services from the right service provider:

        • Prolonged hours of waiting

        As the food trucks are restricted in space and are supposed to cater to the needs of a huge group of people, they may keep some of the guests waiting. They will be required to prepare the food in batches. So sometimes, one food truck is not enough and you may need to take the services of more than one food truck.

        • Are you hiring them for some time?

        If you are hiking the food truck for some time, the ones who arrive late at the venue will miss out on the benefits of the food truck. So they might get hurt as they did not get a chance to get served with the food truck services.

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          What are the 6 topmost reasons the food trucks are gaining popularity?

          Being a foodie myself, I love to explore different food places and give a must-try to the latest trends. Lately, I have done that by visiting the best Food Truck Point Cook. Meat mechanics offer the best street food to the folks with top-quality and with the best presentation.

          Do you know?

          There has been a huge spike in the popularity of food trucks. There is data evidence that points out that the food truck business has grown by 8% since 2009. It is estimated that it is going to hit the billion-dollar mark in 2021.

           What are the reasons for food truck popularity?

          • Street food is getting huge attention

          If we talk about street food, it has been modernized in such a way that it is also healthy. The street chefs are making every possible effort to make the meal appetizing and delicious. The quality, variety, and deliciousness of the cuisine are what get the attention of people worldwide. From dessert to savory you can get anything.

          • Made with fresh and local ingredients

          The truck chef always uses fresh and local ingredients which is the game-changer of the food they serve. It is basically like getting food from farm to table. Just try it once and you will automatically notice the difference in the food they serve.

          • Novel business approach

          Food trucks are working with a novel approach to gain the attention of the customers. Even their menu is evolving and getting better with time, as their prime focus is to serve the customers and nothing else. This is the reason, you will see a long line of consumers in front of the food truck.

          • Cozy and relaxing environment

          If you are someone who doesn’t like to visit lavish restaurants, then food trucks are the ultimate choice. With fresh air and open sky & good food and good company, you can have the best time. No doubt, once in a while to treat yourself and have fun with our near & dear ones we will visit somewhere. So, next time when you are planning to eat something, visit your nearest food truck.

          • Supporting the local business

          At the time of COVID when many of the businesses have been forced to shut or face huge losses, it is the perfect time that you provide support to the local business. No doubt, even people’s perspective has changed as they want to help the local business because of the hard work they are putting in.

          • Pocket-friendly and Nutritious

          From farm to table, perfectly depicts that all the meals are freshly prepared from scratch. When you order you will see the food getting prepared in right front of you. So, the food is healthy and also friendly in your pocket. Moreover, many chefs are serving fusion food to the customers so that they can get everything in one place.

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            Why are food trucks so popular in Melbourne? What are the major reasons behind it?

            Melbourne: Food trucks are one of the latest and modern trends in the food industry. From Australia to America, its demand is grabbing the attention of the folks. All over the city, you can see various food trucks which are grabbing the attention of the people.

            What are the major reasons for food truck popularity?

            Fresh and local : The food truck concepts are one-of-a-kind and this is the reason it is all over the globe. The chefs are buying dairy, protein, and getting the local produce which is better than brick-made restaurants. Nothing processed is used and everything is made from fresh food.

            A different yet unique approach: No doubt, the food menu options are evolving a lot with time. The best part is that the food truck’s menu is interesting which attracts the customers. This is the reason, they are growing a lot with time.

            Enjoy and eat food at your comfort: Sometimes people feel awkward eating outside and due to COVID, we are restricted to go out or dine at our favorite place. In such a case, you can order from our favorite food truck and enjoy it at the comfort of your home.

            Boost the local economy: People are inclined towards the economy and understand their social responsibility and know it is time to provide support to the local economy. Giving support to the street vendors will help the economy and them to a great extent.

            Healthy and budget-friendly: All the meals are freshly prepared and that too under your budget. It is extremely friendly on your pocket and will benefit your health, no matter what. Food trucks deliver you the best and tastiest food at your doorstep.

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