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A wedding is meant to be a celebration of love and commitment between two people. However, to organise a wedding can be a humongous task. From invites to finding the right place – the list is endless. What food to serve is also a point of contention among various new couples. Catering, especially catering in Australia, is a confusing and confounding experience on a different spectrum altogether. One can easily acquire a list of wedding caterers in Melbourne – but finding just the perfect one for your special day is a challenge and a half.


Why is Wedding Food Important?

Wedding food is one of the most talked about elements of the whole event. It leaves your guests with a sensory memory that they associate with the success of the day. It is, without a doubt,  a vital slice of your wedding. Every part of your wedding is meant to be yours, but when it comes to food – it adds a layer of community, harmony and togetherness to your day. No matter what happens, the food itself adorns an aspect of belonging to the escapade.

Meat Mechanics for Your Wedding 

We at Meat Mechanics understand the sublime nature of weddings. No matter how much one tries to deny it, your wedding day will inadvertently become one of the days you will remember for the rest of your life. All the highlights and downsides inevitably become a part of your core memory. Regardless of what happens during the ceremony, the guests will, however, remember the indulgent food the happy couple serves at the event. We understand that finding the right food can be an arduous task for anyone, and a guest list presents a variety of needs any caterer should satisfy. Ranging from different tastes, a myriad number of requirements and a diverse range of dietary restrictions, Meat Mechanics is equipped to take that burden off your shoulders.

Customisable Catering Plans

We provide a customisable experience for all our patrons – the plans are customisable. Meat Mechanics’ menu can bring an American Barbeque flavour to your Melbourne wedding, with a side of Mexican spice and Greek calmness. Deli lunches and cocktail canapes are also offered by us. Meat Mechanics guarantees a culinary adventure for your guests. If cultural fusion does not match the atmosphere you are cultivating for your wedding, one can also pin down a single part of the world map for an authentic culinary experience.

Our Global Offerings

The menu options range from a variety of Mexican, Greek and American food offerings. With the traditionality of Mexico’s tacos, loaded nachos and paellas, from Greece, we bring Souvlaki and Falafel, and with our expanded American menu bringing the typical experience, the aim then becomes adding a global twist to your Melbourne wedding.


Good Tastes Good

We are sure to stick by our motto, “Good tastes Good”, for your special wedding in Melbourne at any time of your event. Our service will bring you fast, fresh and fantastic food for your wedding day. All you need to do is select a menu, and the rest of the work will be ours.

Catering in Melbourne is a hassle and a half industry, but not everyone understands the difficulties in finding just the right caterers for their weddings in Melbourne. From last minute changes to serving the right amount of food at the right time, Meat Mechanics would love to add a culinary experience to your celebration of love.

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