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Best Burger: How are gourmet burgers different from classic burgers?

Are you looking to have a feast for taste buds? Don’t you think it’s even better when everything market-fresh and locally produced food items are included? Make your first step to our Food Truck Point Cook to give yourself a ride to the food heaven. Meat Mechanics food menu speaks for itself and our food quality is what makes people put their trust in our service for the Food Truck Catering Melbourne.

Now! One thing which we have seen is, people love to have burgers! However, not all of them are created equal. There is no denying the fact that a burger of $2 will not taste as good as a $5 or $12 burger. Well! Here it is not just about the price point but the way of preparing a burger. Indeed, the way a burger is prepared will completely change the way it taste.

From which place you are getting your burger from

One of the most notable differences is where you are getting the burger from. There is no doubt that customers will prefer that place which offers speedy food service and is economical.

Choosing that place is important because it specializes in burgers. For example, You see on the menu Cheese Burger and when you have the first bite, it should actually taste ‘Cheesy’. At Meat Mechanics, our experienced chef makes the most cheesy burger which has grass-fed beef, tomato ketchup, Mc clure’s pickles, and mustard saute onion. We know it’s all about the attention and detail which make the burger stand apart from the rest.

Type of patty used

What’s that one key ingredient of the burger? Answer: Burger patty. For example, you ordered a chicken burger but the patty inside is not fresh, then it is actually like you are wasting your money. At our food truck, we serve chicken burgers with fresh patties & this is what a gourmet burger is all about. No matter what it is, the quality and freshness of food are important.

The flavour of the patty

Do you know what can make the burger taste the worst? Whether it is under-season or over-season. No matter what type & quality of protein is being used it is important that the best flavors are added to it.

Our pulled pork burger is made with hickory-smoked pork, Asian coleslaw, jalapenos, and everyone’s favorite cheese.

Method of cooking the burger

Burgers can be broiled, smoked, baked, grilled, and fried. Moreover, they can be cooked anywhere but the burger taste mustn’t be affected. In addition, in this quality beef is added.

Our in-house smoked portobello mushroom burger contains fire-roasted peppers, cheese, saute onions, and chimichurri. It is a must-try burger option at Meat Mechanics.

Toppings on the burger

It is easy to find a burger with tomato, cheese, and lettuce. When you get the gourmet burger it is more than that and the taste shows that. In gourmet burgers, you will have toppings like sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions, and freshly sliced avocado.

Our cheesesteak burger is the perfect example of that which contains pulled brisket smoked for 14 hours and then sauteed onion & capsicum are added.

Taste the difference

Be it special toppings or innovative cooking methods, we have everything in store for you. At Meat Mechanics, it is all about the taste and combinations which will make you drool over the burgers. Try it on your own to get the taste of, ‘How experienced chefs make tasty burgers?’.

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