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Meat Mechanics: Changing the World Of Food Industry

Best Food Van Victoria, Evolution is the prime factor in modern times. Indeed we all are moving with time, then, ‘How will the food industry be left behind?’ Food Truck demand has changed the food industry 360 degrees. These are no longer a rare approach as food trucks are preferred by the business owner who loves to serve food and foodies want something which is way beyond their imagination or at least it should be fresh with superior quality. This is where Meat Mechanics has led its name to shine as the best food van Victoria.

“We aim to make all of our customers happy every time”

Soul-Satisfying Meal

You must be thinking is it possible to get food which can taste buds to a whole nother level. YES! The Meat Mechanics menu is the perfect example for the same. From the buffalo wings to Mac and cheese croquette, everything is made in-house and this is the reason it changes the quality and taste of the food.

MMM…Are you craving to have a bite???

What’s the wait? Enjoy our perfectly seasoned food options to have the best food time of your life.

Paradise of food with top quality

You must have heard that Victoria is an artist’s and photographer’s paradise. That’s it? NO! NO! NO! 

If you haven’t visited: Meat Mechanics food truck then you are missing out on a whole new experience to delight your taste buds! Not only in Victoria, but we are also giving our food truck service in different parts of Australia.

Operating with COVID Safety Measures

We know the world is going through a huge crisis at the moment: COVID. At Meat Mechanics, we are operating after considering all the safety guidelines. We have transformed our mobile catering service considering all the demand of the current time. So, here’s what you have to do:

  • Drive to our location
  • Place your order
  • Eat-in the comfort of your car

Best Food in Australia with Quality = Meat Mechanics 

Our Food

We know the food trucks have been around a lot but to grab the attention of Australians and people traveling to Australia, we have to put forward the best dishes. We keep on updating the menu in terms of improving the quality and keeping the freshness of food alive. It’s the vibe of the food that will make you crave to have more food from Meat Mechanics. Our versatility of serving the food for different occasions makes us the best choice for the mobile catering service in Australia. Here is some of the insight on our menu:


Victorian grass-fed beef, mustard saute onion, McClure’s pickles, Tomato ketchup, and cheese


Fried chicken breast,coleslaw, tobacco onion, pickles and chipotle mayonnaise


Toasty white and purple corn chips, jack cheese, guacamole, Sour cream, fresh salsa, and jalapenos, with a choice of either vegetarian, Pulled pork, or pulled beef


Grass-fed cap grim beef cheek, cooked for 12hrs, served with a jacket potato with beans, sour cream, and coleslaw


Cape grim, grass-fed beef brisket slow-cooked for 12hrs, chipotle mayonnaise

Well! The food list can go on & on…Just to make sure you get the tasty food, ‘Every time’ 

Give us the pleasure to serve you the best meal! Meat Mechanics awaits you.

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