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What is the Cost, Pros & Cons of hiring the Food trucks at the wedding?

Whenever the couple plans for their wedding, then they want to make the event as memorable as it can be. This is the main reason that they focus on the minute details of the weddings. According to a survey, 90% of the people consider only those weddings to be memorable which have served them with the good quality of the food. Nowadays you might be hearing of the trendy wedding which took the services of the food truck catering Melbourne. The food truck in Point Cook became charming when it was used to serve the food to the guests.

We hear the children saying that when they will get married, they will surely be including the catering services in the food truck.

How are food trucks, the unique solution to wedding catering needs?

The food trucks offer people creative dishes. Earlier it was observed that the people at the wedding were only offered with the boring and fried chicken. But the food trucks are known to be the creative solution to the uniqueness in the chicken.

How much cost is to be incurred for taking the services of the food truck?

The total cost of taking the services from the food truck can be different from one company to another. Sp for getting hired with the best food truck caterer, it is essential that you are comparing the food truck on the relevant grounds. This means you should be comparing applause to apples and not apples to oranges.

So let us get to know some of the Pros and the Cons of the food truck:


  • Great Experience

This is the obvious benefit of hiring a food truck. This gives the wedding attendants a unique experience and the wedding does not only become memorable for you but them as well.

  • Alternative to the traditional chicken

If you want to host your wedding at such a place that is beautiful and matches all your dream credentials but is lacking with the traditional chicken. Then the food truck is the best solution in that regard.


It is relevant to mention here that you will only encounter the cons if you are not taking the services from the right service provider:

  • Prolonged hours of waiting

As the food trucks are restricted in space and are supposed to cater to the needs of a huge group of people, they may keep some of the guests waiting. They will be required to prepare the food in batches. So sometimes, one food truck is not enough and you may need to take the services of more than one food truck.

  • Are you hiring them for some time?

If you are hiking the food truck for some time, the ones who arrive late at the venue will miss out on the benefits of the food truck. So they might get hurt as they did not get a chance to get served with the food truck services.

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