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Take it on the Road: Caterers and Mobile food businesses safety standards

For food lovers, it is always about having tasty and quality food. In such a case, the mobile food business and caterers are in the position to satiate your taste buds. From loaded fries to chicken burgers, they have everything for their customers. You can even get the service for the Food Truck Catering Melbourne by choosing the specific food item as per your liking. At present, the demand for food trucks is increasing. Meat Mechanics is one of the leading names in the world of Food Truck Point Cook.

Serving the food with safety and quality

As mobile or food truck business owners we must provide food that complies with the Food Act 2021. In addition, we also have to meet the relevant standards of the Food Standards Code which includes the food Safety Standards.

The safety standards are prepared to assist the food truck business owners to understand:

  • Get an insight into the food safety legislation
  • Implement the food safety legislation

Food Business Notification

In the Food Act 2021, Under Section 86

  • For the food businesses, it is imperative to complete and submit the food business notification to the local council even before they start the business. They need to tell at which place they are operating the business.
  • Along with that, provide information about where the food processing will occur and where all the food equipment is stored.
  • If the businesses which will operate at festivals, fairs, or markets need to submit the temporary food business notification to the council.

According to Food Safety Standards, ‘When the food is not suitable?’

  • The food is damaged, perished, or deteriorated which affects its use
  • Presence of damaged or perished substance in the food which does not make it safe for consumption.
  • The food is made from diseased animals or it has been declared not safe for consumption due to some reason.

Food Business Inspection

Food Business Inspection is carried out by the local council Environmental Health Officers. The inspection is carried out from the garaging location from where the business is operating from.

Food labeling

If any food item is packaged and offered for retail sales, then it needs to have the label. Until and unless there is some exemption as per the Food Standards Code. Some of the possible exemptions are:

  • The food is sold for immediate consumption
  • The food is sold at the fundraising event
  • The food contains fresh fruits or vegetables

Following the Food Safety Standards makes sure that the food is safe for consumption and is prepared in the right kind of environment.

The mobile catering business is huge in itself!

There is no doubt that the mobile catering or food truck business trend is going to slow down. The Meat Mechanics team has put in a lot of time and effort to come up with tasty and quality food for the Australians and travelers who come to Australia from all around the globe. Are you looking for a healthy and fulfilling meal? Try out any meal from the Meat Mechanics menu and we are sure that you will love to come to our place every time.

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