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Many of the restaurant aspirants had to face pushback in their goal to open the restaurants in the COVID period. But the aspirants being aspirants cannot give up on their goals so easily.
The positive behavior says that “ What if there is no stationary place to operate the restaurant, the mobile means (food trucks) can serve the purpose.”

Best Burger: How are gourmet burgers different from classic burgers?

Popularity of Food Trucks in Australia

The charm of the food trucks in Australia has spread to the extent that those who considered none other than the 5-star restaurants could serve the best burger in Point Cook are found licking their fingers standing at the corner of the food trucks.
This is one of the main reasons why the founder of the Meat Mechanics wanted to make it a mobile restaurant. Apart from the best non-veg stuff and the super-delicious kids special, we are known for our burgers as well.

One such review about our burgers we would like to share:

Shawn Johnson

  • Are you searching for the mouthwatering, eye-closing and hypnotising taste from the burgers in Australia? Then You will find such a taste in Victoria.
  • As meat mechanics reach there, people start shouting, “ Now we shall surely get the best burger in Victoria.”

Meat Mechanics On Lockdown

COVID Can’t Stop Us

As the third wave of Covid-19 is nearing us, we have started to imagine ourselves on the verge of the huge market closure. People can compromise with anything but food. So we decided, no matter what happens, we keep on delighting our foodie customers with mobile food services. The food trucks only provide the takeaway services which means you will not be providing any sitting facility, which is a good thing if we see it from the COVID-19 perspective.


It’s Profitable For Both Of Us

To operate the business during Covid-19 does not only emerge to be profitable for our foodies but us also. Because we charge reasonable prices, people feel convinced to buy in bulk at one go.

With All Regards To The Covid-19 Guidelines
At meat mechanics, you will never find us getting contrary to any of the COVID-19 guidelines. From hygiene to regular sanitization, we follow everything to save ourselves and our customers from falling prey to this deadly virus.

Immunity Boosters

  • COVID Period has taught us the importance of the diet and the inclusion of immunity-boosting food in our meals. What can be better than the non-veg stuff, when it comes to immunity-boosting?
  • Keeping in mind the immunity-boosting point of view, we have made the slightest change in each of our recipes to make it as healthy as it is necessary to make the body’s defence system strong.

We Are Reliable
Deeming the COVID as an advantageous situation, we have never escalated our costs. We have always tried to keep them as reasonable and economical as we can. This is the main reason that at the end of the day we never have any leftovers (prepared meals or the ingredients).

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