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Best Food Van Melbourne, Point Cook, Due to COVID-19, a drastic change is noticed in the cafes and restaurants. Due to this, the food & beverage industry has shifted the attention to food trucks which is a great approach to get success. Meat Mechanics is one of the best food van Melbourne which has grabbed the attention of the foodies with the precise techniques used to make food and various delicacies added to the menu. Indeed, the hard work put in by our team to reach the level of the best food van Point Cook is commendable.

Passion for food turned into a business

Meat Mechanics is the result of a passion for food. Due to COVID, it is restricted to put in more investment and this is where the idea of investing in the food truck clicked. Australia is going through repeated lockdowns and this is the reason cafes, restaurants, or to be specific the entire food industry is going through a huge financial crisis.

Meat Mechanics food trucks focus on giving the tasty and best food & this is the reason we have noticed the foodies getting inclined to our menu. In addition, we gave utmost attention to the food and location. Choosing that location is important where the footfall can be expected and the food menu should be curated considering everyone’s need.

Eat and enjoy as per your convenience

Coming to our food truck means your time will be the best and you can have your food at your convenience be it: Sitting in the car or standing beside the food truck. It’s only about enjoying the food and it is up to you how you want to have the food. Our Mechanics Menu include:

  • Churros
  • Loaded Fries
  • Chicken and chips
  • Glazed pork ribs
  • Chicken Burger



You can expect nothing but not the best to delight your taste buds and have the best time with the tasty food!

Survival to Success

FOOD TRUCK: The new trend in the food industry is worth investing every penny. Meat Mechanics have seen success because we have adapted the trend and tried to run our food truck in a way that grabs foodies attention in Australia. If you have gone through our food menu you must think, “Why are the prices kept minimum?”

We want to ensure that your taste buds get to enjoy the taste of good food, so everyone is welcomed at our place and makes their time delightful.

If you are looking for the ‘Best meals on wheels in town’: Meat Mechanics is the best name which you will come across.

Market Analysis to choose the best

Meat Mechanics is the place where ‘Desire meets the new dimension’. Our chefs have put in hard work to create every dish with perfection and ensure quality control on every step. Our menu includes:

  • Small yet fulfilling food items
  • Big and appetizing food item
  • Burgers as per your choice
  • Sides: healthy and mouth-watering
  • Dessert to satiate your taste buds
  • Kids special menu
  • Drinks Chilled or normal as you prefer

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