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Best Items At Meat Mechanics – Buffalo Wings, Beef Croquettes, Tacos & More

Are you looking for an exciting time and even something exciting to eat? ‘Meat Mechanics: Small Food Category’ on our Menu has some of the most demanding food options. Even when we are approached for the service of Food Truck Catering Melbourne people prefer to have these one-of-a-kind dishes. Here are some of the visually appealing dishes offered by our Food Truck Point Cook which you cannot miss out on. 

Buffalo Wings

Does your heart desire spicy & smoked buffalo wings? Well! Meat Mechanics have that in-store for you. Our Spicy smoked chicken wings are served with our special Blue cheese sauce made by our experienced chef. 

Whenever people book us for some kind of family event, they are sure to select these items where the catering menu is to be decided. At Meat Mechanics, because of the love of the people for these items, we serve 6 pieces for only 9$.

Beef Croquettes

Our deliciously spicy and tender beef croquettes will for sure take you on the journey of food paradise. Our smoked beef croquettes are alone enough to satisfy your taste buds. Because of its popularity and the fondness of the people for its taste, we have reduced its prices. And now we serve 5 pieces of the croquet for just 11$. Moreover, the technique of making this delicacy: Slow cooked for 12hrs will satiate your taste buds like never before! 

Mac And Cheese

This particular item is made up of cheese sauce which is made by the traditional method. The conventional method uses macaroni and cheddar cheese to make this item. This is baked in the casserole and is sometimes cooked on the stovetop. This particular item is a specialty of ours. The kids like it a lot. And so we sell it for 9$ only.


You might have known the tacos as the ones which are like the Mexican sandwich like dishes. It is quintessentially made incorporating the corn tortilla that is wrapped around some sort of filling. As far as we are talking about the traditional tortilla, then it is soft, but the inventions by the chefs of some countries have led to the emergence of the hard shells.

The tacos sold at meat mechanics at the price of the 12$ include the following ingredients:

  • Sot flour tortilla
  • Guacamole
  • Cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Salsa
  • Jalapenos

But to make sure that all the taco lovers are satisfied, we do not only serve the non-vegetarian variation. But the vegetarian versions are also sold and this is the predominant benefit because of which the people like us a lot.

Glazed Pork Ribs

The juicy and flavourful ribs glazed by our signature BBQ sauce are something which makes the individual go awe with its taste. It takes a lot of effort from our side to get these hickory smoked pork ribs made. So we serve the half rack for it at the price of 23$ but the full rack at the price of 40$.

Bottom Line

So please let us know, which of our items do you like the most. We try to bring a great modification in the taste and the preparation of that. Also, we would like to know from you, how do you like this blog?. We invite your honest reviews as we always keep a great scope of modifications.

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