Which are the top reasons to choose a food truck for your wedding?

Food is one such emotion that lets everyone get together. No matter what the occasion is, food is something which cannot be missed out on or you can compromise on the same. Having food of your favorite type will indeed make the taste buds get delighted. In case a special event is coming your way and you are thinking about adding something tasty & different to the party menu then the food truck has all the best options available for you. Moreover, Food Truck Point Cook is becoming one of the best choices for those who are planning a wedding.


Whether you wish to add something to nibble away, something off-center is it desserts or an entire meal, or even something which is best in terms of adding in as a wedding snack you can opt for the food truck. It’s true as time passes by, the option of food trucks is getting higher & higher. If your wedding is right around the corner or you have taken responsibility to host a wedding then going with the food truck comes with various benefits which are given below.


Major reasons to opt for the food truck for wedding

  • The dishes are going to be served in the truck which means you will be enjoying every bit of the meal. The best part about food trucks is that there are several options which you can give a try which are not just fulfilling but the entire meal is complete in all ways.
  • Those tasty, freshly prepared, and one-of-a-kind meals are going to simply look the best at the wedding. It’s like even making sure the wedding photography is on point.
  • The food truck can be set up in any particular space where you want it to be. It’s your choice whether you would like to set it in a particular space be it the grass property or inside the venue.
  • The service of food truck Catering in Point Cook will give you a flexible schedule. From the wholesome meal to desserts everything is available on your food platter. Moreover, you can even add in those late-night feeds.
  • The food truck is one of the ultimate choices in terms of ensuring the space is properly clean. It’s like the hassle of cleaning will not be there when you choose the food truck service.
  • The food truck service is going to ensure all the guests get the chance to talk with one another.
  • The food truck service is one of a kind & it does ensure that guests are fed as quickly as possible.


What’s on the menu?

Are you thinking about what to add to the wedding party food menu? Just have a look at the menu by yourself & find the options which seem to delight your taste buds.


Final word

All in all opting for the food truck service is delightful & cost-effective in every way possible. Enjoy!

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    Everything to know about the french fries evolution and background

    Are you going to host a party?

    Do your friends have kids who will come to the party?

    Well! It’s essential to have one such meal which keeps them busy while you and your friends talk through life & other important stuff. The best out of food options to include in your party menu is everyone’s favorite: French fries or Crunchy fries

    No doubt these are simple but it’s something in their taste that is what makes it cherished the most.

    Moreover, you are hosting a party in your huge backyard then why not take the leverage of Food Truck Catering Melbourne? (Just a thought which I wanted to share with you…It’s worth considering.)

    We all have heard a lot of french fries and how everyone has their favorite. But, do you know where the journey of french fries started? Let’s get started!

    French fries invention

    Art of Modern Cookery, first established in 1903 has one of the first recipes of this homely type option. There is a perfect description and instructions on how to make these golden crisp french fries. Don’t you think that softness in the center is what makes everyone go YUMm…

    There is a belief that back in 1789 before the french revolution is when these deep-fried potatoes began to sell. The vendor who started on this journey was Escoffier. Like any other thing takes time to grab attention so do these amazing deep-fried french fries.

    If you talk about the double frying method then first it got attention in Belgium and from there it started to spread around the globe. According to the Belgian historian, the french fries originated from Krieger as he invented the double frying method. In 1854 the modern french fries gained that attention among the foodies.

    What is the logic behind french fries?

    Interesting name! Then there might be some reason it is known by the name of french fries.

    There is a high probability that the name came from “To french’’. It means cutting something into strips and thin. So this is the way to describe those mouth-watering french fries.

    If we talk about when it came into light then it’s 1918. This was the first time when french fries were printed and it gained that attention among the foodies.

    Just imagine!

    What if it would have been called by any other name…Would it have got the same kind of attention? Personally! I don’t think that…But, Who knows? So, these amazing savory french fries perfectly depict the same.

    French fries to fill up those plates and happy faces

    Now, you know a little bit of the french fries evolution and why these are called french fries. It’s time that you choose the right place for getting this option on your food party menu. Hands down, you should choose the service of Food Truck Point Cook. It’s not just this one particular item we are talking about but there are several other options on the food truck menu. One such name which you can trust is Meat Mechanics to fulfill your & your guest food cravings!

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      Food Food truck

      Why should you be hiring the food truck? Which advantages will you experience?

      Food Trucks – The Ongoing Trend

      Nowadays, the brides and grooms are considering hiring a food truck at their wedding. The wedding attendants also find it pleasurable in taking the services from the food trucks. Food truck catering in Melbourne is emerging out to be excessively profitable. The food trucks in Point Cook are also being booked every day for one or the other wedding or the other functions. Because of their cost-effective nature and profit yielding characteristics, these are becoming the first choice for those who are hosting some kind of event or occasion.

      In today’s blog, we shall be learning some of the advantageous points which you get to encounter when you are taking the services of the food trucks.

      Best For Outdoor Events

      Food truck catering is deemed ideal if you are planning to host the event in the external premises of the property. When the buffet sounds good, if you are hosting a party in the banquet hall of the hotel, then the food truck will be considered best if you do not want to compromise inhaling the summery vibes.

      Happifies The Customers

      The food truck business and industry is blooming considerably. It is because of the taste that you get in the food items being provided by the food trucks. The customer gets to taste the hygienic food. From street food to restaurant-style meals, you will find everything with these food trucks.

      The Pocket-friendly Option

      Installing the food trucks at the venue is the best pocket-friendly alternative that never falls heavy on your pocket. If you think that being the cost-friendly option for catering services, the food truck usually ends up compromising the quality, then you are wrong. The food trucks are determined to provide quality so that the customer can get giantly satisfied with the food.

      The Flexibility In Choosing The Cuisines

      The food trucks are known to be versatile caterers. These can be installed at the venue as per your choice of cuisine. These trucks are well equipped with the facilities and the technologies that they need to bring about perfection in the making of the food.

      The Best 5-star Experience

      When you will count on the food truck, then we guarantee you that you will get to experience the best 5-star facilities. Usually, it has been observed that the customers are bothered with the clean up of the mess, which is not supported by the other catering services. But hiring a food truck helps you to attain the best 5-star experience as these help you with all the facilities which you are required from the food truck.

      Make Some Memories

      Apart from some other benefits, the giant benefit of the truck is that these help your attendants and you to make memories.

      Bottom Line

      When you are counting on the service of the food trucks, then it means that you are choosing the right catering service which will give you the desired results by not falling heavy on your pocket.

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        Why will food trucks be a new craze in summers among individuals?

        Food made with love tastes even better. Well! There is no surprise to that. In particular, if we talk about Australians, they are crazy about food and they are always looking for something delicious. Recently, it has been noticed that Australians are going gaga over Food truck Point Cook. People search for the best Food Truck Catering Melbourne to celebrate any occasion with good food. But, you must be wondering why so much craze over the food trucks and how they are better?

        Increasing demand for food truck service

        Delivery of street food with quality

        In one of the studies, it has been noted that the food trucks are delivering the best quality street food. This is because of the way they prepare the food inside a closed van and everything they put in is made from the best ingredients.

        Promoting local food producers

        The best part is that the food truck prefers to support the local food producers to make the dishes. They follow the motto of sustainable living and eating. It is like making a collaborative effort between the people to help their economy give a boost.

        Environment friendly

        There is no denying the fact the food truck van helps in leaving a positive impact on the environment. They prefer to use solar power and everything natural. In a way, their services are helping the environment.

        To take that one step further, the food van is made from random materials and gathered from demolished sites and junkyards. Moreover, they prefer to use stainless steel, recycling fencing, and sustainable plantation pine which helps in making the van with perfection.

        Choose the seasonal and fresh products

        The food made by the food truck owner is made from natural ingredients or you can say everything locally grown is used by them. They make those dishes which can be cooked with seasonal produce and it will benefit the customers’ health. In a way, they are creating awareness among the individuals to eat healthily.Food TruckServing all over the city

        They prefer to cater their service all across the city and this is the reason people of almost all areas are familiar with their services. Moreover, they have a wide selection of food which lets the customer choose anything of their liking.

        Fresh food

        Taste is important and so is fresh food. When you visit the food truck you can be sure that you will be only and only getting healthy food. Everything they prepare is from the scratch and on the same day. You can see the food getting cooked in front of you and their delivery is fast.

        Come on, Hang with us!

        Order from us and we make sure that you get bliss on your plate & the food will satiate your taste buds.

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          Food Food truck

          What is the Cost, Pros & Cons of hiring the Food trucks at the wedding?

          Whenever the couple plans for their wedding, then they want to make the event as memorable as it can be. This is the main reason that they focus on the minute details of the weddings. According to a survey, 90% of the people consider only those weddings to be memorable which have served them with the good quality of the food. Nowadays you might be hearing of the trendy wedding which took the services of the food truck catering Melbourne. The food truck in Point Cook became charming when it was used to serve the food to the guests.

          We hear the children saying that when they will get married, they will surely be including the catering services in the food truck.

          How are food trucks, the unique solution to wedding catering needs?

          The food trucks offer people creative dishes. Earlier it was observed that the people at the wedding were only offered with the boring and fried chicken. But the food trucks are known to be the creative solution to the uniqueness in the chicken.

          How much cost is to be incurred for taking the services of the food truck?

          The total cost of taking the services from the food truck can be different from one company to another. Sp for getting hired with the best food truck caterer, it is essential that you are comparing the food truck on the relevant grounds. This means you should be comparing applause to apples and not apples to oranges.

          So let us get to know some of the Pros and the Cons of the food truck:


          • Great Experience

          This is the obvious benefit of hiring a food truck. This gives the wedding attendants a unique experience and the wedding does not only become memorable for you but them as well.

          • Alternative to the traditional chicken

          If you want to host your wedding at such a place that is beautiful and matches all your dream credentials but is lacking with the traditional chicken. Then the food truck is the best solution in that regard.


          It is relevant to mention here that you will only encounter the cons if you are not taking the services from the right service provider:

          • Prolonged hours of waiting

          As the food trucks are restricted in space and are supposed to cater to the needs of a huge group of people, they may keep some of the guests waiting. They will be required to prepare the food in batches. So sometimes, one food truck is not enough and you may need to take the services of more than one food truck.

          • Are you hiring them for some time?

          If you are hiking the food truck for some time, the ones who arrive late at the venue will miss out on the benefits of the food truck. So they might get hurt as they did not get a chance to get served with the food truck services.

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            Burger Food

            What makes chicken burgers juicy and moist? What are the tricks to make it right?

            Chicken and burgers will combine 2 of our favorite things. Moreover, it is extremely moist, which mostly does not come to everyone’s mind. One of the important parts is that nothing should be overcooked, otherwise the final results are not what we want.

            How to make burgers with ground chicken?

            You need to add all the ingredients in one bowl and then add then mix them with your hands. Each of the patties needs to be cooked evenly. To make the flavor even perfect you can add chives and oregano & it will make the freshness even better. To make the chicken burger moist, here are the few ingredients that should be added:

            • Breadcrumbs
            • Lemon Juice
            • Mayo

            If you like garlic, then you can also add that to your chicken burger. It also depends on what you like.

            How long do chicken burgers need to be grilled?

            Depending on the grill and burger patties thickness will help to determine for how long they need to be grilled. On average, it is better to grill from each side for 5 minutes. Do not do more than that, otherwise, it will make it dry.

            What are the expert tips?

            • Handle the meat with perfection, if you overdo then the chicken patties will not get the right taste.
            • Keep them on the wax paper.
            • At the center, you should make the thumb impression and cook them evenly, which is the key to making a tasty burger.
            • Even if you do not have a BBQ, you can use the grill pan or make it on the frying pan.


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