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What makes chicken burgers juicy and moist? What are the tricks to make it right?

Chicken and burgers will combine 2 of our favorite things. Moreover, it is extremely moist, which mostly does not come to everyone’s mind. One of the important parts is that nothing should be overcooked, otherwise the final results are not what we want.

How to make burgers with ground chicken?

You need to add all the ingredients in one bowl and then add then mix them with your hands. Each of the patties needs to be cooked evenly. To make the flavor even perfect you can add chives and oregano & it will make the freshness even better. To make the chicken burger moist, here are the few ingredients that should be added:

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Lemon Juice
  • Mayo

If you like garlic, then you can also add that to your chicken burger. It also depends on what you like.

How long do chicken burgers need to be grilled?

Depending on the grill and burger patties thickness will help to determine for how long they need to be grilled. On average, it is better to grill from each side for 5 minutes. Do not do more than that, otherwise, it will make it dry.

What are the expert tips?

  • Handle the meat with perfection, if you overdo then the chicken patties will not get the right taste.
  • Keep them on the wax paper.
  • At the center, you should make the thumb impression and cook them evenly, which is the key to making a tasty burger.
  • Even if you do not have a BBQ, you can use the grill pan or make it on the frying pan.


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