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A Rundown On The History Of The Food Truck Industry And How It Evolved

Food trucks are mobile kitchens that drive around different locations to serve their customers the culinary art. You can serve any food item in the food truck. From fast food joints to something healthy, the canvas is yours to paint as you like.

But what makes a food truck successful?

Simple: its uniqueness!

You need to find the USP of your business and stick to that. Most of the time, people block towards the food truck for the experience of enjoying a cuisine or a part of culinary that they have never tried before. Apart from that, the popularity of food trucks is due to their accessibility and convenience. Food trucks are ideal for those who are busy office workers who are searching for a quick, reasonable and fast meal.

One other thing that food trucks are pretty famous for is their extra services. You can book food trucks for parties Melbourne as they provide facilities for catering services. So if you are interested in hiring a catering service for any function, you can opt for a food truck for its marvelous customer service.

History Of Food Truck

In 1886, a rancher named Charles Goodnight thought of the idea of birthing a food truck as a mobile kitchen. He opened a food truck or a portable kitchen called chuck wagon. His main intention was to use the wagon while embarked on his first ever cattle drive.

The chuck wagon or the food truck was an old army surplus, which Charles later completely renovated to start his business. He also equipped the wagon with all kinds of stuff, including storage space, shelves, water barrels, counters, and a canvas to haul firewood. Charles served preserved food items such as salted meats and beans. Apart from that, Charles also served some food items he gathered from everywhere while he was on the road.

Food Truck: A Flourishing Industry

By 1872, the food truck had greatly impacted as it evolved into a food stand. Walter Scott was the first person who set up the first stand. His main intention was to capitalize on busy, hungry journalists. Scott parked the stand outside any local newspaper office and cut windows into covered wagons. The main food items that he served in his food stand were coffee and pie.

In the time leading up to the 1900s, we noticed immense growth in the food truck industry. In 1894, somebody sprouted up mobile sausage vendors across the United States at the Ivy League Universities. And in 1936, Oskar Myer, the sausage manufacturer, opened the first portable hot dog cart, which he named Weiner mobile.

Food Truck: As A Catering Service

With time, we have further observed a great deal of changes. Now food trucks are a business that is not limited to serving food items in the streets, but they are also venturing towards Food Truck Catering Melbourne. It is a service where the food trucks are giving the facilities of catering to people who want to hire them for their functions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and many more.

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