Everything to know about the french fries evolution and background

Are you going to host a party?

Do your friends have kids who will come to the party?

Well! It’s essential to have one such meal which keeps them busy while you and your friends talk through life & other important stuff. The best out of food options to include in your party menu is everyone’s favorite: French fries or Crunchy fries

No doubt these are simple but it’s something in their taste that is what makes it cherished the most.

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We all have heard a lot of french fries and how everyone has their favorite. But, do you know where the journey of french fries started? Let’s get started!

French fries invention

Art of Modern Cookery, first established in 1903 has one of the first recipes of this homely type option. There is a perfect description and instructions on how to make these golden crisp french fries. Don’t you think that softness in the center is what makes everyone go YUMm…

There is a belief that back in 1789 before the french revolution is when these deep-fried potatoes began to sell. The vendor who started on this journey was Escoffier. Like any other thing takes time to grab attention so do these amazing deep-fried french fries.

If you talk about the double frying method then first it got attention in Belgium and from there it started to spread around the globe. According to the Belgian historian, the french fries originated from Krieger as he invented the double frying method. In 1854 the modern french fries gained that attention among the foodies.

What is the logic behind french fries?

Interesting name! Then there might be some reason it is known by the name of french fries.

There is a high probability that the name came from “To french’’. It means cutting something into strips and thin. So this is the way to describe those mouth-watering french fries.

If we talk about when it came into light then it’s 1918. This was the first time when french fries were printed and it gained that attention among the foodies.

Just imagine!

What if it would have been called by any other name…Would it have got the same kind of attention? Personally! I don’t think that…But, Who knows? So, these amazing savory french fries perfectly depict the same.

French fries to fill up those plates and happy faces

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