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Food Truck helping you chase perfection in food for your party

Let’s PARTY!

On weekend you just stumble upon these words without thinking about anything. Now! Your friends are all ready to come to your place before Christmas. But, the problem is you don’t have prepared anything and the most important part is ‘FOOD’.  What should I do?

Well! What worries you when you can magically call upon the Food Truck Catering Melbourne to experience the best foodservice of all time. It’s a delight in all ways when they give the service.

Fresh meal prepared right in front of you

What’s the best thing about food trucks? Fresh Food…How?

If you are looking for the Best Burger Melbourne then straight away get the service of the food truck. As the food is prepared right in front of you and you will enjoy every bite of it. It is the major reason that everything is simply tasty and fresh. It’s also the food aroma that matters a lot. The food truck is your best option to get ‘Really Fast Food’.

Well! There is not just one burger but you can choose from several options to what you want to keep on your party menu. Some of the YUM-YUM food options are:

  • Cheese Burger

  • Chicken Burger

  • Pulled Pork Burger

  • Cheesesteak Burger

  • Smoked Portobello Mushroom Burger

The best options are available with the food truck to keep your guest busy and you will surely get the title of the ‘BEST HOST’.

Dessert- Dreamy World!

If your guest list includes the kids of your friends or neighbors, then obviously you need to keep them entertained and make sure they have something tasty to eat. As we all know the kids are choosy, so choosing the food truck will save you from a great nightmare. What’s the 2 most liked option by the kids…THINK! Don’t know. Here are the 2 most liked options by the little ones and the best food truck is all ready to serve that at your party:

  • Churros

Cinnamon sugar and milk chocolate sauce

  • Chocolate taco

Crispy tortilla, chocolate mousse, orange and berry compote, whipped cream, marshmallows, and nuts.

Well! These are just the sweets as there is a special Kid’s menu too so that your guests do not have to worry about what their kids will eat. Here is the list of food options which you can add on:

  • Taco

Soft taco with beans, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese

  • Chicken and chips

Southern fried chicken strips served with chips

  • Mac and cheese croquette

Served with coleslaw

Walk up to the good food!

Now! The tables have turned as the good and tasty food will now walk up to. Just the wait is: You need to reach the leading food truck in Melbourne. Discuss when and where you are hosting the party.

Are you in search of the food truck near you? Meat Mechanics is one of the trusted names in Melbourne. ‘Food On Wheels’ will come to your place to make the entertainment delectable and interesting.

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