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Expert Answer: Commonly Asked Question About Food Truck Catering

The food truck and catering business are now in for a long period of time. People have been enjoying this form of an event for quite a long period of time. It is time and cost-efficient and makes sure that the guests are happy with the service.

This is the reason why Food Truck Catering Point Cook is ready to serve some of its best catering and food service to the people. This wedding chooses us for your lovely day and makes it more memorable with its undeniably lovely and best burger Point Cook.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the most commonly asked questions about food trucks and catering.

FAQs About Food Truck Wedding Catering

  • Do I need permission to host a food truck catering for an event?

The permission for the authorities regarding the Best Food truck wedding catering Victoria depends and varies highly from one city or country to another. In case you are not working with a food truck that has an event experience, then you must want to check it with your local municipality. For events on private property, you would not require any kind of permit.

  • What kind of things should I consider when it comes to parking the food truck?

Are you thinking of hosting a food truck to serve the main meal to your guests? Then it is necessary for you to remember that you will require a large enough space that will be able to accommodate the truck while simultaneously being not too far from the guest’s table or any other difficulties. I mean, it would not look good that your guests are trekking away from the main party to get some of that delicious food (it would not be their mistake after all). Apart from that, you will also be required to think about the accessibility of the venue.

  • How many guests can a food truck attend at a time?

Food trucks can not accommodate larger groups of people. That is why according to our experts, they recommend around 150 guests for one truck. In case you have more guests lined up, we suggest you increase the number of food trucks for the big event. This will avoid any excessive waste of time and energy, and your guests will all be happy with this little involvement.

  • Can I decorate the food truck to go along with the look of the wedding?

The answer highly depends on the food truck and how much you are ready to pay for that. Most likely, they will not agree with this notion as you are booking the food truck to get that vibe, and they would need it for the next event, maybe the next day or some hour later. Also, the experience of food trucks should stay intact in case you want to enjoy the wheel vibe.


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