Try Out Different Tacos At Meat Mechanics To Quench Your Craving

One of the most famous food items served in the food truck is tacos. It is a perfect blend of street food that is loved by people worldwide. Straight from the heart of Mexico, tacos have gained so much popularity that it would be a sin not to add those to the restaurant menu list.

It is prepared with some meat fillings in a tortilla and garnishes like salsa, guacamole, and sour cream. This spicy and delicious affair is something that you must try out at least once. It does not bring forwards the excellent taste but also the culture of Mexico.

From soft shell tacos to hard shell tacos, each variety has a unique punch to it which is a must-try at Food Truck Point Cook. The spices infused in the cooking sing a different tune- one that acknowledges the importance of introducing street foods.

Given below are some of the most famous tacos served in the food truck industry.

Different Types Of Tacos

  • Al pastor

Let us begin our fest with tacos al pastor; it is a very famous dish known as the cousin of the other renowned taco dish named taco árabe, which means “ shepherd-style” pork. In this dish, the meat is marinated in different varieties of spices and chilies, which are then slow-cooked in the open flame with the help of trompo. The pork which is placed in the spinning mound is tipped with some pineapples to give it a zesty and sweet, and tangy flavor.

  • Tacos Arabes

Let us now move ahead to tacos, Arabes. This is the main dish that showcases the interaction of culture between the middle east and Mexico. In these delicacies, the chef uses the slices of pork (made from the halal-friendly technique used in middle eastern and other major rabic countries), which they get from the spit or trompo. The marinated pork pieces are later stuffed into the flour tortilla, which looks pita and pillowy. You can add this flavorsome dish at your event while booking a food truck for Catering in Point Cook.

  • Barbacoa

It is yet another traditionally cooked taco; the technician barbacoa is a famous procedure done by the people of Taino in the Caribbean. In this procedure, the meat is slow-cooked in an open flame to make it tender and juicy as they are kept in a hole that is dug deep into the ground till the fat proteins get tender. In the southern Mexico Rio Grande Valley and in northern Mexico, the parts of the beef head or the beef cheeks are used to give its a flavourful yet economic factor.

  • Birria

The western Mexican state Guadalajara is where you can find a country Birria Capitol. It is a unique spicy, meaty stew that is prepared with goat marinated for long hours with some spicy guajillo chili-based broth. It is a very famous street food sold by many street vendors and is very common in the region.

Hopefully, next time when you try out tacos, you will know what to expect.

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