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Difference between the Tortilla and the roti

Nowadays, people mostly prefer to eat food that is cooked within minutes. Tortilla is food that cooks within just a few minutes. Tortilla is sold on food trucks. It is the most common food that children and young youth prefer. Due to the food trucks, people can find their favorite food on trucks and anywhere. Many people ask for food trucks at the parties. People, especially children, really enjoy the availability of food trucks at parties or any other event. You can also see food trucks at corporate events.

What is a tortilla? 

A flatbread that is cooked with the addition of cornmeal, water, and salt is called a Tortilla. The tortillas were invented in Mexico and Central America. In this modern era, it has become popular all over the world because people are workaholics. They are busy with their hectic schedule of work and personal household chores, and when they are tired at that time, People prefer to eat tortillas as a snack. It is also used as tacos and burritos. It is also introduced in a Catering Food Truck in Melbourne

Origin of tortilla

The word tortilla originates from the Spanish word tort meaning “cake” and its first documented use was around the mid-1600s. The food itself, a thin flatbread made from dried and finely ground corn, can be traced back many thousands of years to people of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico. It was invented by a hungry man 12000 years ago.

What is roti?

A flatbread that is made up of the fine flour of ground wheat. It is cooked in a microwave and on a flat iron plate and can be served plain and stuffed with potatoes, cauliflower, and sometimes with various toppings. On the other side, a Tortilla is a folded bread that is made up of flour of wheat, water, and baking powder. It is cooked and sifted in an even before rolling. 

Benefits of a food truck

The business of food trucks is popular in this world because it has various benefits. 

  • Low investment: To open a restaurant, a person needs 18-20 lakh because you need to purchase some space for it, while you can open a food truck for just 8-10 lakh. If a person has an old truck, he can use it by repairing it and setting it up with useful kitchen equipment, which gives him a handsome amount of profit.
  • Food trucks need low operation costs: For setting up a restaurant, you need to hire a wide range of staff like managers, chefs, waiters, kitchen managers, cashiers, etc., and for a food truck, you need only one or two persons to support you and also you can manage it on your own. 
  • Food trucks attract more customers: Food trucks keep prices of food very low, starting prices from 50-80, which is a good amount to attract customers. 
  • Healthy and hygiene: food trucks are considered as alternatives to street food. As roadside food seems unhealthy and unsafe for consumption, many people shift to small restaurants and food trucks to enjoy fast food. 
  • Experiment with location: Food trucks are mobile, and they can move anywhere if the work is not going well there, but restaurants are settled in one place and fail when the value of location gets down.  
  • Build up a brand: A person with a food truck can build up his brand at a small level before opening a grand hotel or a restaurant. And can check the possibility of success by both methods.

What are the drawbacks of food trucks? 

Food trucks provide you with a lot of benefits, but there is only one drawback of food trucks: that does not increase their area for selling their food. They do not cook varieties of food in their truck; they sell limited varieties in their food truck. 

Things that you do before hiring a food truck 

Before opening a food truck, the things need to be taken care of 

  • Chosen of van or vehicle 
  • Right and good quality of kitchen equipments 
  • Apply for the license for a food truck 
  • Look for a palace where work can smoothly run
  • Prepare some banners and posters to put on the food truck
  • Select the uniform of the staff and give a beautiful name to your food truck
  • Marketing your business
  • Finalize your particular investment 
  • Kitchen insurance 
  • make a menu of foods you can easily prepare

Food trucks have become a part of today’s life. Many people prefer them for special events like parties. Many food trucks are running smoothly, but the best Food Truck in Melbourne is Meat Mechanics.

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