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5 Popular Catering Trends in 2024

Undoubtedly, food is the thing that leaves a lasting mark on any event. People are picky, and their choices change every day. Which taco station at today’s event is cool but can become old fashioned tomorrow for them. 

What individuals like to eat and what they want from restaurants and Food Truck in Melbourne will be changing every year. 

But worry not—below is a list of catering trends for 2024 that will help you make a good impression on those who attend your event. 

You need to be prepared to include various dishes from around the globe, and their method of cooking and making must be eco-friendly and sustainable. People like diversity, so try to include food items from different regions of the world. 

Eco Friendly Catering: 

Sustainable catering is no longer an option. It has become mainstream demand for catering in 2024. People who organise and who attend the event demand eco-friendly catering due to increased awareness of environmental issues. 

Caterers now have a responsibility to change their process of getting things done to minimise the impact on the environment. Shift towards sustainability is no longer a choice; it has become an important need today. It includes : 

Organic and Local Ingredients Sourcing:

The number of Restaurants and food trucks has been increased who have partnered with local farmers for their vegetable needs. It prevents the greenhouse effect by reducing the transportation need. 

Reduction in Food Waste: 

Food waste can be reduced by careful menu planning, proper food scrap composting and using leftovers. 

Choosing Sustainable Packaging: 

Caterers now have numerous options for sustainable packaging. If they are not allowed to use nonbiodegradable packaging, then they can choose many organic and easy to recycle packaging products.

Sustainable catering has two major benefits: first is the environment, and the second is budget-friendly. Local sourcing not only assures quality but also ensures the best and reasonable price you get. 

Variety in Food Choices: 

Catering is becoming more and more complicated due to different preferences and restrictions of people’s food choices. Some people don’t eat gluten, meat or dairy foods. Therefore, caterers need to include a variety of items to please everyone. 

Fusion of Flavours Around the World: 

The Mixing of flavours around the world is going to be a great deal in 2024. Food is getting a cool makeover. Now, caterers are trying to mix the spiciness of Mexican food with the boldness of Japanese food to create some new flavours. And this flavour mixing is not only limited to full meals. It is also done with snacks. You Can easily find snacks inspired by flavours of different countries. 

Fun Food Stations: 

Live cooking stations are the hot trend in today’s Catering Food Truck in Melbourne. People enjoy the cooking in front of them. And this trend is not losing its popularity in 2024. You can see how your meals turn out, whether it’s your fancy taco or fancy burger. 


The role of technology is undeniable. It provides benefits to both consumers and caterers. It allows consumers to book their food, date, dietary preference and number of items, all just on their phone. 

And on the backend, it helps businesses like restaurants and food trucks caterers it helps them to track their inventory and order delivery. It allows them to reduce the margin of error during the catering procedure. 

Meat Mechanics understands the changing preferences of consumers; just tell us your requirements and leave the responsibility of pleasing your guests with food to us. 

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