Best Gourmet Burger in Melbourne

Meat mechanics is highly acclaimed for selling Best Gourmet Burger in Melbourne. Each variety of the burger will make you feel like having a whole explosion of the flavours in the mouth.
It all started with the greatest suburb. Umm….You probably have guessed it right. Yes, it is, “Point Cook”. Even today, if you ask the people of that place, “Who do you think sells the best gourmet food in Point Cook?” They will immediately answer you without giving it a second thought – “Meat Mechanics”.

We are feeling overwhelmed to share this

Gradually, we started targeting other regions as well. We paid special attention to the taste and the preferences of the different groups of people, the result was that people used to say even today, “If you wanna try out the best gourmet burger in Victoria, then do not rely on anyone else other than MM (Meat Mechanics).

Why are our burgers unrivalled?

Here are a few of the convincing points, that will make you know why our burgers are unrivalled:

  • Yummy But Fresh Toppings

Each one of the ingredients which is used in all the recipes is not only handpicked but is grown and harvested naturally. We believe in directly picking it from the farm so that our foodie customers do not miss any chance to experience the freshness of the wholesome flavours.

  • Supreme Quality Meat

When you have ordered something at the meat mechanics, then the second thing you have to do is “Relax” and expect to get the hygienically prepared burger with the greatest quality of meat.
Apart from that, you will get to choose from a wide variety of patties. In each patty, you can surely expect to get wholesome flavours.

  • Ultimate Perfection

At meat mechanics, our vastly trained gourmet chefs are accountable for making the simple burgers extraordinary. They know the vitality of the meticulous balancing of the flavours. Our chefs are so particular with the proportions, that they double-check the amount of the ingredients which is to be put in the burgers and the patties. This can be thought of as one of the main reasons for our perfection.

  • Beautifully Presented Burgers

A great variety of flavours are to be put in the burger buns. It needs careful presentation so that the burger does not only taste nice but has to look tasty as well.

  • The right technique to cook the burger

We make sure that each of the techniques we use for making the burger is carried out with the ultimate precision. No matter, whether it be Broiling, Smoking, Baking, Grilling and frying, every technique is performed with professional tactics.

For all the Portobello Mushroom Burgers out there

The nicely smoked portobello Mushroom Burger contains all of the following:

  • Fire Roasted Peppers
  • Cheese
  • Saute Onions
  • Chimichurri


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