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List Of Different Events You Can Hire Food Truck Catering Service

Food trucks are a growing industry in the food market. People flock to this mobile kitchen for its easy availability, affordable prices and delicious menu. Food Truck Melbourne is indeed a revolution that is blowing the street with its flow. Our food truck gives you varieties to choose from on the menu at an affordable price. This is the reason why people are undeniably coming to us to quench their hunger.

Apart from that, most food trucks, including Meat Mechanics, provide Food Truck Catering Services to their clients.

Yes, now you can make any event in your life more memorable and interesting by hiring a food truck as a caterer.

We have listed down some of the common places or events you can book us for and how it can notch up your whole event. Organise a party like a professional with the help of our services.

List Of Different Functions To Hire Food Truck Catering Services

  • Celebrating life

You can hire Meat Mechanics to cater your wedding, holiday celebration, birthday parties, employee appreciation events, corporate lunches, school reunions, rehearsal dinners and charity galas. Whether you want to have a huge party or a private get-together, our food truck is the best option for you. It gets its job done like a professional without any delay. Delicious food and outstanding service is our synonym.

  • Corporate events or office parties

The next time you would have to plan a corporate award dinner, intimate business lunch, employee seminar, or breakfast meeting. Call us to be your catering partner. We will take the vent to the next level without our impeccable services. Ditch your old-fashioned, stuffy corporate meals and opt for our food truck catering services. We make gourmet meals on wheels to the next level. Impressive your guests with our food truck catering services.

  • Television and Movie Production

We are also the best option for movie sets or television sets. We offer a delicious food menu at a reasonable rate without downplaying the quality of the food. When it comes to catering movie sets, we know the rule very well. We cater right and ensure that everyone is happy with our services and well nourished.

  • Grand openings

Are you opening new stores, apartment buildings, schools, service providers or hospitals? Well, if yes, it is always grand to celebrate it. Try to draw a big crowd by hiring us to deliver gourmet food in the mobile kitchen. The yummy and drool-worthy munchies will surely keep them on site. We are a known food truck company that prepares delicious appetisers and full meals. So celebrate your new business with our delicious facilities.

  • Sporting events

We are a Gold Medal winner (Pun Intended) in offering our catering service for sports events. Whether you want to organise a kid’s soccer game, a super bowl party or a public school track meet. Our food truck provides concession catering or festival catering. They lavish you with special attention at your own private party. If you are still wary of food truck catering services, you can ask around people who have enjoyed our services and know the reality.


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